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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  April 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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many people being questioned. we heard from the roommate of yardly love who found love's body in the early hours that morning. she testified she saw a hole punched through the door of her bedroom and she tried to wake yardly love up, but she didn't get up. she turned her over and saw blood on her face. her friend called 911. we have heard from police officers who have come in and who did cpr on yardly love. emt's that did cpr. defense attorney says george huguely had no intention of killing yardly love. also, he says there's no evidence that yardly love's head was banged against the wall repeatedly, which was in police documents. he is disputing, apparently disputing the medical examiner's finding that she died of blunt force trauma. a medicine that she was taking
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for adhd adaderol. who was mad at whom, they had friends testify about whether she was mad at george and whether or not they were still a couple. yes, they were still a couple, but the roommate says no, they were off. they were off at this point in their long four-year relationship of on again, off again. so that's what is going on right now. the hearing continues and they are trying to get through it tonight. >> as you said, members of both sides of the family, all these friends, any emotion displayed? >> you would think so. you would think there would be emotion. it is all clinical. i didn't see one tear. it's difficult for all these people to recall these terrible events of that night and everybody was trying to be
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factual. >> no defendant there today? >> i'm sorry. >> no defendant today? >> no, exactly right. yeah, george huguely is not here. signed that waiver of presence. so lots of people that knew yardly love and knew george huguely here. >> peggy fox, thanks for keeping us posted. now to breaking news. police are investigating a home invasion in bowie that ended in gunfire. it all went down in the 15100 block of peregrine court. the homeowner whose home was broken into was able to escape and rush to a maybe's house that happens to be a member of the federal protective service. that neighbor exchanged gunfire with the suspect. no one has been arrested. the suspects are out there. no one was hurt. we're going to continue to monitor the situation and bring you more as soon as it comes in. we had an early dose of summer today with temperatures that some would say bordered on hot.
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for many, it was the perfect excuse to head down to the national mall for a walk, run, or simply lay out in the sun. >> topper and annie are keeping their eye on the numbers. >> we won't hit the final number until 5:30 or a quarter to 6:00. we are talking mid 80s to low 80s. downtown 84 in baltimore. and also around 82, 83 out toward dulles. everybody in the 80s, which is more like june temperatures. now, the question is, is it warm or is it hot? well, meteorologist anniehahn hahn is in outside. >> reporter: here's what we found out. >> i get energized by the sun, so this is amazing. >> many folks may agree today's weather is a welcome
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break from chilly temperatures. what about the question, is it hot or warm? >> pretty hot. >> warm. >> that's what we asked folk who's said their monday blues were washed out by the sun. >> it's hot, because it's going to be in the 80s. that's summer weather, no spring weather. >> it's hot. >> how come? >> because we have been used to the cold. seeing it jump like that is jarring. >> in dupont circle, we saw shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, people taking in a nice walk or run or working on a spring tan. >> i had to dress a little cool today. >> the average high for this time of year is 65 degrees. the weather is ice cream weather. it's like asking s it potato or potato? >> it's hot. >> not hot? >> i'm a hot weather guy. the hotter the better. i can't stand the cold. i'm in perfect heaven right
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now. >> as temperatures reached into the 80s, people passed the patios during lunch. whether it's hot or warm, they took advantage of the warmth, knowing it won't be here for long. >> i would like the warmer weather to stick around for a while. i think that would be nice. >> all right, baltimore is really the closest to records. topper, you and i were talking about this. you said very warm, i'm going go with you, it's very warm, but the breeze not so bad. the clouds are helping keep it on the warmer side. we do know that warm weather can oftentimes lead to severe weather possibly. we have some changes in the forecast. >> we sure do. it's weird, annie, because last monday we were 85 and there was a chance of thunderstorms overnight into tomorrow morning. there's a tornado watch out for the mountains until 7:00. that's been trimmed back, but
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it does include garrett county. for us, we are in good shape. you can walk the dog, enjoy the nice weather. clouds will be on the increase. thunderstorms after midnight. some could be heavy. low temperatures around 60 and winds out of the southwest. southwest is 15 and 30. we'll come back and talk about what that cold front means to your monday and evening commute. okay topper, thank you so much. >> a northern virginia man pleaded guilty to joining what he thought was an al-qaeda plot to bomb area metro stations. sentenced to 23 years as part of a deal with federal prosecutors. armando trull joins us from the metro station with more. armando. >> reporter: this was one of the places on ahmed's target list. you can see why. the area is full of commuters at this particular time of day. they are coming from the
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pentagon and the mall. the attack was designed to produce the maximum amount of carnage. >> it's chilling that a man from ashburn, virginia, would plead guilty to these terrorist acts and the united states believes the 23 year term is just punishment in this case. >> the pakistani born u.s. citizen pled guilty to providing material support to al-qaeda. ahmed pled guilty to photographing and video taping metro stations. the plan was to blow up suitcases at the height of rush hour. >> he will be severely punished for what he admitted he did. and in his sense, he wants to move forward now that he accepted responsibility. his family wants to move forward so they can reclaim their lives. >> ahmed was arrested in october of 2010, after his fellow conspirator turned out
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to be an nf fbi informant. >> to disrupt terrorist networks, this was a great example of the counterterrorism effort. >> now ahmed will be placed in a high security prison somewhere in the northeast portion of the united states. possibly new york or new jersey, so he can be close to his family. back to you, lesli. >> armando, thank you. authorities say they found the remains of dozens of cats at pamela's house on summerfield drive last tuesday. police say she left her house with 27 cats inside around the holidays and failed to return. she was staying with family. she turned herself into police yesterday. also in virginia tonight, a 33-year-old mother faces felony neglect charges accused of leaving her two children alone at a motel.
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one child is two. the other is ten. and police found the toddler wandering alone in the parking lot of the redroof inn in manassas on saturday night. they say the mother was at work at the time. this just in. within the past hour, mitt romney is off and running for president again. this afternoon, he announced he is forming a presidential exploratory committee that. will allow the former massachusetts governor to start raising money for his presidential bid. romney may be announced in a video posted on a new website. a commuter alert for drivers who use constitution avenue and that's a lot of people beginning tomorrow. the busy roadway will get a facelift one block at a time. the national park service plans to make improvements to the eight-lane road between 15th and 23rd street. workers will make repairs to the pavement, curbs, crosswalks, and sidewalks. drivers can expect lane closings and traffic delays during this step by step
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construction. monica joins us with something that is a really big deal for commuters. monica. >> it sure is. in fact, i spoke to national park service, bill this afternoon. the contractors will be out there at 5:30 tomorrow morning to assess the weather situation. they may delay it until later in the morning. they may delay it until the next day. they'll have to see about that. the work is important to remember that we'll move from west to east. that means from 23rd street down to 15th street. so they'll take about one month per block. again, weather dependent. there will never be a total shutdown of the eight-lane road. that's important to remember. only four lanes will be closed at a time, but it will affect the 50,000 commuters that use that route every day. especially coming off 66 and the roosevelt bridge. let's go to a map. now i suggest coming from route 50 and the gw parkway, use the key bridge to the north or the memorial bridge to the south and take that on to
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independence avenue. by the way, it's a $10.3 million project and it's been 80 years since any significant work was done on this major thorough fair. americans are driving less as gas prices continue to skyrocket. we're going to show you where some of the cheapest places are to fill up your tank around our area. bruce. >> how much you will pay for your next drink. how much illegal immigrants will pay to go to college. two issues royaling the maryland legislature as it rushes toward adjournment tonight. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. sky 9 was over the scene in a close call this morning. firefighters were looking for people inside a burning house in ulster road when the roof of that home, as you can see there, collapsed. all of the firefighters got out safely. a neighbor was injured while rescuing a dog from the home. now investigators are trying to figure out what started it. teens and drinking are both on the agenda as the maryland general assembly try to wrap up its work. but it's not teen drinking, it's about how much that drink may cost you and whether immigrant teenagers will get a chance to go to college. bruce leshan is here to sort it all out for us. >> reporter: the dream act, the act that would allow
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undocumented workers, the children of them to go to college here in maryland. >> this thing has nothing to do with democracy. >> furious republicans in the house of delegates tried futilely to derail a 50% jump in the tax on alcohol. the tax on every drink and every bottle of booze in the state will go from 6% to 9%. pumping an estimated $85 million into school construction and aid to people with developmental abilities. it will hurt mom and pop bars and liquor stores. >> have mercy on us. have mercy on that strip of land called ocean city. >> majority democrats passed a bill without the gop. they say the state desperately needs to build more schools. >> declared half. >> nothing can be a runner.
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>> over on the senate side, the minority republicans and a group of skeptical democrats had a lot more luck reading from a novel than running out the clock on what is often called the dream act. >> they are here illegally to begin with. >> it is not the students fault that they are here undocumented and we need to consider that. it is not their fault. >> supporters of the bill to allow the children of the illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition at maryland colleges at too few votes to cut off debate. >> we're at a place where this isn't going to get to the finish line. we are here to support them. but it snuck in and this is not the end. we are going to fight and get this passed today. >> now the dream act has now been sent back to a house senate conference committee and the chances of getting it passed are really looking like a long shot now. they are seven hours left in
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the session and there are all kinds of bills left to consider. anita, back to you. >> bruce, any other tax increases? are they going to have to play with the state's budget crisis? there's a big one in maryland. >> yeah, i think people are going to be happy to hear that the alcohol tax increases at this point looking like the only increase in taxes, but all kinds of increases in fees, including a doubling of the fee to register for your vehicles registration. that's going to hurt some people. but you know what the senate president says that the state really needs that money if it wants to fix roads around here. >> absolutely. rock in a hard place, right bruce? thanks so much. >> gas prices continue to climb. the price is just above $3.50. as a result, many of us just aren't firing up our engines so frequently. according to tracking, gas sails have fallen for five straight weeks nationwide. apparently we are turning to public transportation and
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trading in those gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient models. some people are using mobile phone apps to hunt for the cheapest gas. >> our survey found cheap gas at the northeast dc shell station. a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.77. a gallon goes for $3.74 at the bj's in the fair lake shopping center and at the golf station on frederick road. you'll get it for $3.76. to find the cheapest gas where you live, log on to our website, we're going to bring you more of the least expensive gas stations in our area a little later in the newscast. now consider this your one- week warning. tax day is just seven days away. last year's federal tax forms are due on april 18. that's three days later than usual. surveys show about a quarter of americans will wait until the last minute. if you need more time, you can file for a six month extension, but you have to pay 90% of your
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estimated taxes by the deadline. >> lots of people in shorts today. definite dose of summer. convertible tops down, the whole thing. >> i think going back to annny's question, the humidity was comfortable. probably just warm. when it gets hot and humid -- >> if we reach 90, you would have said it was hot. >> all right, oddly enough, much like last monday, we were in the 80s. they gave the severe weather on tuesday. we have less of a chance for severe weather tomorrow morning. but there is a chance. start with temperatures. that's the big story. 83 down down. the record high is 91. that's safe. but 84 in manassas. 82 in frederick. these are really more like early june and even mid june temperatures. 87 as you go down 85. satellite picture radar combined. you can see the showers and thunderstorms. these are big storms. they will move east overnight. we are looking at the
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possibility of strong storms here early tomorrow morning. just in time for your morning commute. in the meantime, i think the first batch of storms will stay well to the south of us. we are looking for the potential of severe weather. and that's about it. there's still a little sliver of a tornado watch, which does include garrett county and over toward cumberland until 7:00 tonight. those storms will go to your north and west. here's the deal. big storms are possible for the metro area. storms late tonight. look for a wet morning commute. a wet evening commute and we'll be cooling down. now late tonight, you walk the dog, maybe a few showers north of town. notice they are light green. they aren't heavy showers. we get into the midnight hour, 2:00, some showers develop. frederick, leesburg, again, nothing heavy, which is actually good. we get into the early morning hours, just in time for the commute, things pick up a
5:20 pm
little bit. coming in 66. heavier activity toward laray and notice the showers will get all the way to i-95 and eastward. expect a wet morning commute. go through the day. lunchtime, grab your umbrella. showers still around. by evening tomorrow, yes, another wet commute in the evening with heavier activity out toward winchester and down toward culpeper. but look for wet roads everywhere. we get into wednesday. showers are beginning to lift northward. we'll have a wet morning commute on wednesday and then dryer air moves in wednesday night. all right, tonight increasing cloudiness, thunderstorms after midnight. some heavy. lows around 60. winds southwesterly at 10 to 15. next seven days, wet tomorrow, 66. again, wet early on wednesday. 60. and just spectacular. we finish the week strong. low 70s. upper 60s on friday. another soaker on saturday. rain, showers, and a few thunderstorms. low 60s. should salvage the back half of the weekend, upper 60s and
5:21 pm
maybe some more showers late monday. so get ready for some not rock and roll weather tomorrow, but showers and thunderstorms. >> big change again. like you said. >> we get to hold on to today. that's what we'll do. >> okay. up next, workers hold on to their desks as a strong aftershock shakes japan exactly one month after the massive quake and tsunami devastated that nation. and we told you we were covering gas prices. if you need to make a pit stop, you'll find regular unleaded gas for $3.83 on the corner of fairfax boulevard and university drive. pull up to the pump at 711 on university boulevard in silver spring and you'll pay $3.79 for regular unleaded and if your drive takes you to upper marlboro, regular unleaded for $3.73.
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a strong aftershock rattled japan exactly one month after the disaster on the country's northeast coast. the magnitude 7.0 quake is blamed for at least one death today. it shook buildings and triggered another tsunami alert. the aftershock came just hours after the country observed a
5:25 pm
moment of silence marking one month since the massive earthquake and tsunami that killed up to 25,000 people. the japanese government took out ads in newspapers around the world. thanking people for their support. today's aftershock briefly cut off power at that crippled nuclear power plant that everybody is watching. it was quickly restored. no immediate reports of new damage or injures there. the washington national cathedral is marking this one month anniversary of the japan disaster. it will host a prayer service in memory of victims tonight at 7:00 p.m. the japanese ambassador is scheduled to be there. toyota buyerings, supply shortages are now forcing toyota to stop production at its north american plant. initially toyota said the shortages were related to the earthquake and tsunami. later, somebody said nope, these were planned. it gins this friday, april 15. it impacts 2500 workers. right now, it's unclear how many car buyers could be
5:26 pm
impacted by the stoppage. a problem with the steering wheel on the 2011 chevrolet cruise is fueling a recall. it impacts about 2100 cruise vehicles, but the steering wheel on one vehicle came loose because it was installed improperly. cruze owners will be getting their notices tomorrow. luckily no injuries or accidents have been reported. many parents rely on cosleepers to keep their baby close at night, but 76,000 of them made by arms reach are being recalled. when the fabric liner is not used or it's not securely attached, the infant can fall from the raised mattress into the loose fabric at the bottom or the baby can become entrapped. and the cpsc received 10 reports of infants falling down or becoming entrapped between the edge of the mattress and the side of the bedside sleeper. check to see if you have an
5:27 pm
armed reach cosleeper sold between september of 1997 and december of 2001. you can call 1-800-954-9353 or visit arms reach for their website to get more information and they'll show you how to make sure that your cosleeper is assembled properly. anita. >> important warning. thank you lesli. coming up next, protesters hit the streets after france becomes the world's first country to ban islamic veils in public. details on the controversial move in a live report right after the break.
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new at 5:30, french police are enforcing a country wide ban on islamic veils and it starts today. >> france is the first country to make it illegal to wear veils in public. derek mcginty is following this story live in the newsroom. derek, give us the particulars of this. >> lesli, it is an almost classic case of religious freedom running into the french value of a strict separation between religion and the public square. today, that confrontation boiled over. this muslim woman defied france's new law, wearing her veil in public for a crowd of
5:31 pm
cameras. it's her constitutional right to dress how she wishes. she says this is an attack on my freedom of being a woman. it's a big attack on my own life. police detained her and other two veiled woman taking part in an unauthorized protest. the women could face $200 fines for wearing the veils and be forced to attend a citizenship class. the french parliament approved the ban on the veil last year. president sarkozy backed the measure. only a few thousand of france's 5 had million muslims wear the veil, but many see the ban as shameful. >> they are wanting to wear it, well, i don't want to pay a fine, i'll just stay at home. that's not liberating women. >> anyone who forces someone to wear a veil could get a fine. they could face twice that fine
5:32 pm
if they make a minor wear one. she'll never stop wearing the veil, which she calls a submission to god. she calls the ban racist and is planning to appeal to the european court of human rights. and we should note the french law doesn't mention the words woman or muslim or veil. it simply says it's illegal to hide your face in public. lesli. >> got it. derek, thank you. meantime, there are new concerns about an intruder on the campus of georgetown university. two students reported being awakened by a stranger in their dorm room. one student reported being awakened at 4:30 in the morning saturday by a man in bed next to her. that man ran away. another student reported she was apacenned by somebody shaking her shoulder about an hour earlier than the other incident when she opened her eyes, she saw a man she didn't know leaving her room. neither student was physically
5:33 pm
hurt. three students have been arrested accused of throwing a device into a classroom at the high school friday night. the device set off a small explosion and fire, which in turn triggered the school spring sprinkler system. the county board of education named teresa their new superintendent over the weekend. she most recently served as the chief operating officer of the howard public schools before taking the superintendent job in frederick. she worked in baltimore and montgomery counties. police are baffled by the killing of former pentagon official, john wheeler. investigators have now set up a tip line asking for clues in the case. the wheeler family is also offering a $25,000 reward. wheeler was last seen wandering
5:34 pm
around downtown well wilmington. libyan leader, moammar gadhafi signed off on a cease fire proposal, but the rebels fighting his forces say no deal. they are upset the agreement does not called for gadhafi himself to step down. and it's not just the rebels who don't like this plan. european leaders warn the libyan leader could be using the talks as a stalling tactic to rearm his troops. >> there can be no military solution to the crisis in libya. >> there needs to be a transition that reflects the will of the libyan people and the departure of gadhafi from power and from libya. >> but u.s. officials are worried about something else. a possible power vacuum in libya and that terrorist groups could step in to fill the void. the white house says
5:35 pm
president barack obama now regrets his vote against raising the debt limit when he was a u.s. senator back in 2006. >> the president said yesterday, regrets that vote and thinks it was a mistake. he realizes now that raising the debt ceiling is so important to the health of this economy and the global economy that it is not a vote that even when you are protesting the administration's policies, you can play around with. >> the president is expected to speak at george washington university on wednesday to address his plan for the national deficit. republicans are threatening to withhold their votes to raise the ceiling, unless the president agrees to some major spending cuts. time for a check on the evening rush hour. monica has your time saver traffic. hi monica. >> hey there. we have the yellow light and that's because we have a couple incidents to tell you about. i'm going to start out with the
5:36 pm
map in rockville. right here, eastbound route 28 at shady grove road. you'll have to follow police direction over there. we'll take you to a live shot of 270 where you get delays past the road all the way to falls road where an earlier accident was cleared. and now back to the map, along standing accident f you are planning to head eastbound on route 50, right here at route 704. the two left lanes are blocked. you need to stay to the right to get by, you can see the delays, also on the bw parkway, a lot of people choosing that as an alternate. it continues past the beltway to powder mill road. we also have a commute alert. expect delays around the 202 and the beltway. state highway workers are urging drivers to stay alert when traveling through work zones. expect nighttime lane and ramp closings between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
5:37 pm
and some daytime closings. we have breaking news coming out of northwest dc. this afternoon, a young child was shocked by a wire while visiting the national zoo. this was a low voltage exposed wire. we have also been told the child is not seriously hurt and is currently being evaluated by ems. we will stay on this story and bring you more information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. >> visitors to lincoln's cottage and the civil war. we'll get to see something very special. >> and we continue to help you save at the pump. so if your route takes you to gaithersburg, the bt on south frederick avenue has regular unleaded for $3.79. and if you are going across the bridge in southeast dc, on pennsylvania avenue has it priced at $3.89. don't forget, you can check the cheapest gas prices, stay with us, we'll be right back.  çñ
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a flag steeped in symbolism is being displayed for one week only. the flag went on display at the soldier's home on north capital street in remembrance of the
5:41 pm
146th anniversary of lincoln's assassination. it was one of five american flags hanging the night lincoln was killed. it was used to cushion lincoln's head after he was shot. soon be transformed into a new center. they are trying to hammer out a deal with the dc historical society. the society has a 99 year rent- free lease on the building. it would stay there if a deal is reached. a local community garden is shutting down after two decades. the temple garden is located on the grounds of the scottish right of free masonry temple. the temple says it is planning some conservation work and needs to use the garden as a parking and storage area. about 800 people have grown flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the temple garden for years. a powerful line of storms
5:42 pm
is heading east tonight. storm chasers captured some tornadoes. >> it's deja vu, we were warm last monday with big storms tuesday morning. we may repeat the same scenario. if you are sneezing, the winds blowing around, it's the tree pollen. everything else in the low range. we'll come back and tell you when the storms roll in and what it means for your commute. >> up next, does your child play in a school band? a new study finds musical instruments can be jammed with all kinds of germs. our health alert is next. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. [ male announcer ] icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. in tonight's health alert, a diet rich in vitamin d may have another ben facility for women keeping eyesight sharp. a new study in the archives of -- now this is the leading cause of blindness in the u.s. the study also showed getting
5:46 pm
some vitamin d just from the sun, that wasn't enough. women needed to make sure they boosted their diet with vitamin d foods like leafy vegetables, fish, or supplements. being a new parent, that takes a toll on your sleep schedule, but it can be tough on the waistline. research published today found moms of babies, toddlers, young kids tend to be heavier, eating more calories. the study found new parents are less active than their peers without kids. the lead researcher says this isn't about a blame game, but a risky time for parents when doctors can offer some advice. >> your child's musical instrument may produce sweet sounds. depends on how good they are. it could also be hiding a place for bacteria to live and grow. 13-year-old gavin anderson
5:47 pm
plays the sax. >> it could be a breeding ground, since many students share instruments or buy secondhand. >> the first i've heard, really. >> a new study shows used woodwind and grass instruments are jammed with potentially harmful germs. researchers tested the mouthpieces, chambers, and cases of 13 high school instruments. six have been played within a week, the others hadn't been touched in a month. they found 442 different bacteria. >> bacteria that causes staff infections, upper respiratory infections. infections in expander the mouth and the oral cavity. fungal infections, which can cause red patches around the lips or inside the mouth. >> experts say the key is to clean the instruments on a regular basis and it's best to use a cleaning kit specifically designed for them. after each use, students should use a soft cloth to wipe the surfaces that come in contact
5:48 pm
with the skin and mouth. sanitizing spray should be used on the mouthpiece occasionally, especially after somebody has been sick. >> if you have an upper respiratory condition, you may want to take it to get professionally sterilized. >> i would clean it a little more often. >> and speaking of respiratory issues, researchers say kids who have breathing issues should be especially careful of using shared or preowned instruments because it can make their condition worse. residents are assessing the damage. >> oh my gosh. it's getting big. it's coming this way. >> the national weather service is investigating five possible tornadoes that touched down in western wisconsin yesterday. at least 50 homes are severely damaged, but no reports of any serious injuries. in mapleton, iowa, residents are returning to see what is left of their homes. a tornado packing 165 miles an
5:49 pm
hour wind leveled more than half the city on saturday, but the governor says residents are determined to pick up the pieces. >> people are doing a lot of cleaning up and clearing. it says a lot for the spirit and the willingness of people to pitch in and help. >> severe storms also battered parts of north texas over the weekend. 80-mile per hour winds ripped apart homes and businesses and knocked out power to about 75,000 customers. well, i guess we can really be happy about what we have today. >> yes. >> and we are getting into april and may. >> that's the thick of it, right? >> yes. especially in those areas. 84 today. 85 tied the record high in baltimore. the final numbers are in. and we do have another strong cold front. let's start with temperatures. it still feels like june. 83 downtown. 82 up in gaithersburg. low 80s in hagerstown and
5:50 pm
martinsburg. upper 80s in fredericksburg. even winchester. it's 87 degrees. 86 in culpeper. now here's a look at the radar. one time there were tornado watches out in effect. they have now been canceled. the heaviest weather is toward columbus and louisville. we'll keep on eye on this. we are fine through the night until we get to the wee hours of the morning. big thunderstorms are possible by dawn and late tonight. look for a wet morning commute. a wet evening commute, and we will be cooling down behind the cold front. not as drastic as we did this time last week. we will be cooling down. showers late tonight. maybe gaithersburg and frederick. we get into the 12:30 a.m. period, a few showers. notice light green, that's light activity from frederick down toward leesburg and culpeper over toward ma
5:51 pm
manasis. may want to allow extra time tomorrow morning and coming home, same deal. by lunchtime, keep your umbrella handy and coming home, more activity. so we aren't out of the woods until late tomorrow night and finally, we'll have left over light showers and pushing off to the north. we will see dryer air move in late. for tonight, increasing cloudiness, mild, thunderstorms after midnight, some could be heavy. now tomorrow morning, breezy without showers and thunderstorms. look for wet rotes. temperatures in the 60s. by afternoon, not so much thunderstorms, rain and showers, cooler, highs between 64 and 68. winds east, northeasterly at 10 to 20. so for your day planner tomorrow, showers across the board. 60s in the morning. 60s in the evening and 60s by 5:00. all right, next seven days, after some morning showers, we finish the week strong. 72 on thursday with sunshine.
5:52 pm
upper 60s on friday. saturday right now looks wet. showers, rain and thunderstorms will salvage sunday and monday looks like we'll have more showers late in the day. temperatures finally getting back to average. which is nice this time of year. >> thanks a lot. >> you could call it the masters or call it when things fall apart. >> well, for rory mackelroy, they fell apart. that's the thing about golf, had it's going badly, it's just you out there, no place to hide. and it was tough for him. although he handled it well. strange things happen to your body and your mind when they are under pressure. things that are normally easy are not. actions you performed thousands of times without thinking become complicated. the simplest tasks become fraught with doubt and insecurity. if you don't believe this, watch this. the 21-year-old irishman entered with a four stroke lead. that's a mammoth lead. like greg norman and many before him, that night spent
5:53 pm
with that type of margin is an uneasy night of sleep to be sure. and he woke up and could not give that lead away fast enough. he hit balls into the woods. he hit balls into the cabins. he started the back 9 by triple bogying 10 and four putting to double bogie 12. the net result was a final round 80 as his four shot lead at the start of the day turned into a 10 stroke deficit behind the eventual winner. and afterwards, he put on a stiff upper lip and tried to make the best of it. >> just sort of lost it. 10, 11, 12, and couldn't really get it back. it's one of those things, you know, i'm very disappointed at the moment and i'm sure i will be for the next few days, but i'll get over it and i have to take the positives. i led this golf tournament for 63 holes. a couple of things, he's 21. it is a very difficult
5:54 pm
situation to deal with at any age. he showed a lot of poise. the question is, how do you recover from something like that? greg norman never really did when he recovered. he has a lot of golf to play and hopefully he will, but emotionally, psychologically, that's tough to come back from. >> it is. >> painful, like you said. >> we'll talk about tiger at 6:00 and the guy that won. charles. i can't say his name. nobody nose who he is. we'll tell you. >> up next, prince william and kate middleton make their final public appearance before the royal wedding, as a few names emerge from that hush hush guest list. and coming up new at 6:00. >> you have number two. >> is this bruce johnson and these students at san miguel don't know the speaker. they can thank them for saving the voucher program. i'll have that story coming up at 6:00.
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5:57 pm
stocks started out the week mixed on wall street. the dow finished the day up to close at 12,381. the nasdaq dropped 8 points and the s and p500 was down 3 points. it may be the last time you see them in public until they tie the royal knott. >> prince william and kate middleton took a break. as angie goff reports, their visit comes as a few names
5:58 pm
emerge. >> it's their last official engagement until they walk down the aisle. prince william and kate middleton aren't showing last minute jitters. the couple visited northwest england to open a school. fans stood in rain to get a look at the royal love birds. one woman said prince william hopes he wouldn't be responsible if she got hypothermia. the prince and his bride visited a park trying to shake hands with everyone that came to see them. their wedding list shows a common touch. it was shown this weekend while there are many famous names, many of the public are also being invited. >> as a reward to people who have been good, helpful, given money, all that kind of thing. >> some of the big names, tabloid darling, david and victoria beckham and elton john. people who influenced the
5:59 pm
couple, a former school principal, exgirlfriends and boyfriends and even william's former nanny. now, william and kate hope to step out of the public eye until their wedding day. there are only 1900 people invited to attend the wedding on april 29. that might sound like a lot to you and me, but there were 3500 of prince charles and diana. for 9news now, i'm angie goff. guess that puts it all into perspective. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. this is 9news now. >> late this afternoon, a judge sentenced a man to 23 years for what is being described as an al-qaeda plot. ahmed is accused of plotting to blow up the metro stations. he plead guilty. armando trull is live with more of the details on the plea deal. armando. >> reporter: this is one of the metro stations where ahmed had been casing and where he


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